Nobody believes a slut who cries wolf.
Scobie to Diana Mitchell

Herman Scobie is a serial rapist, abductor, and copycat who attempted to pass off as the Piano Man in the Season Seven episode "Unknown Subject".


Not much about Scobie's life is disclosed in full detail, although he was allergic to latex, used rubber made of neoprene, and worked as an orderly. Eventually, he began following the crimes of a serial rapist known as "The Piano Man." Presumably, to gain attention from the media, Scobie made a scheme to pass off as the Piano Man, abducting and raping four of the rapist's past victims and intending to abduct and rape two more.

Unknown Subject

The first victim he abducted was the Piano Man's second victim, Brittany Anderson, which he did from a restaurant. However, he got several aspects of the Piano Man's M.O. wrong; he didn't play a piano ballad and personally talked to her and the other victims. Meanwhile, the real Piano Man somehow acquired information about Scobie's actions and killed one of his past victims, Vanessa Campbell, placing a piece of neoprene glove inside her throat post-mortem in order to set up Scobie.

Eventually, Garcia manages to find Scobie and a team led by Rossi, Morgan, and JJ is sent to his house. There, Scobie attempts to escape, only to be subdued by Morgan, while JJ finds a stash of neoprene-made objects in his van. Scobie is arrested and interrogated by Prentiss, to whom he eventually recites a phrase said by Diana Mitchell, "nobody believes a slut who cries wolf", which she had apparently retained subconsciously from him saying it to her while assaulting her. Diana, who is in the other room, breaks down and immediately identifies Scobie as her second attacker. However, while searching his house, the BAU discover that Scobie's taste in music is more recent than the piano ballads the Piano Man plays to his victims. By the end of the episode, the real Piano Man is arrested, and presumably incarcerated alongside Scobie.

Modus Operandi

Scobie copied the Piano Man's M.O. as accurately as possible when he assaulted his victims, using the medical records from their first assaults as his source, but he failed to play a piano ballad to said victims, an important part of the M.O. that wouldn't show up in medical records.


No official profile was made of Scobie, since the profile the BAU made of the Piano Man was more directed towards Bartholomew.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates:
    • Brittany Anderson (second victim of the Piano Man)
    • Susan Estrof (ninth victim of the Piano Man)
    • Tammy Marlowe (eleventh victim of the Piano Man)
  • 2012:
    • Unspecified date: Diana Mitchell (third victim of the Piano Man; knocked her out by bashing her head against the floor of his van)
    • January 24: Vanessa Campbell (fifth victim of the Piano Man; intended, but she was killed by The Piano Man before he could act)
    • January 24-25: Regina Lampert (first victim of the Piano Man; intended, but she was arrested before he could act)


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