"Here is the Fire" is the fifth episode of Season One of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.


After an explosion from a pipe bomb tears through a small town school, Cooper and the Red Cell team must hunt down the bomber before another bombing occurs.

Guest Cast

  • Jack Axelrod - Janitor
  • Sam Ayers - Detective Emerson Sykes
  • Gary Basaraba - William Meeks
  • Michelle N. Carter - ER Nurse
  • Lenora May - Rose Heyward
  • Rico McClinton - Cop
  • Ron Perkins - Reverend Sands
  • John Posey - Principal George Spurell
  • Aaron Refvem - Paul Meeks
  • Richard Schiff - FBI Director Jack Fickler
  • Chris Sheffield - Shawn Meeks
  • Carr Thompson - David Henry
  • David Trice - Jim

Referenced Criminals


  • "Natus cadit, atque Deus", No. 8 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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