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Hank Morgan is the late father of Derek Morgan, who first appeared via flashbacks on Criminal Minds.


Little is known about Hank's early life, other than he had a sister named Yvonne. As an adult, he worked as an officer for the Chicago Police Department and was extremely religious. His son Derek looked up to him because of his job and he often told him that God always protected anyone with a police badge. One day,[1] Hank picked Derek up from school when the latter became sick, though Hank suspected he was faking it because he had a big test on that day. Derek asked him to go to a convenience store to get a drink for him. At or on the way to the store, Hank and Derek spotted a woman being robbed; when Hank tried to intervene, the robber shot him in front of Derek. As he died, he repeatedly told Derek that he was fine. The incident caused Derek to lose his faith in God.

On Criminal Minds


Hank as imagined by his son Derek during the episode "Derek".



  1. Profiler, Profiled stated that Derek was ten years old when the shooting occurred, putting the year at 1983, given his birth-date. However, Derek stated the shooting it occurred on November 7, 1985, which would make Derek twelve at the time. This was likely just an error on the writer's part.