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I'm not just a pretty face.
Agent Anderson in "100"

Agent Grant Anderson is a recurring character on Criminal Minds.


An agent at the FBI headquarters in Quantico, Anderson's duties appear to be, for the most part, grunt work. Absolutely nothing is known about his personal life.

On Criminal Minds

When Elle begins showing fatigue during the Randall Garner investigation, Anderson is ordered by Hotch to escort her home. After dropping Elle off, Anderson makes the mistake of leaving her unguarded, allowing Randall to easily break into the house, ambush, and shoot her. When he returns to headquarters, Anderson is reprimanded by Hotch for leaving Elle alone, as the unsub knows details of the BAU team's personal lives, including their home addresses. Returning to Elle's house, Anderson learns about the attack and finds the hospital where Elle was taken. When the rest of the BAU team arrive at the hospital, Anderson is the one who informs them of Elle's condition.

When the BAU try and track down George Foyet, Anderson, along with CSU Tech Agent Gina Sharp, assists them. After Hotch's ex-wife Haley is killed by Foyet, Anderson attends her funeral and offers Hotch his condolences. Anderson attends JJ and Will's wedding in the second part of the two-part Season Seven finale, "Run." He returns in "200," where his first name was finally revealed to be Grant. In this episode, his ID card proves to be instrumental for the BAU in learning details about JJ's time at the U.S. State Department during the events of Season Six, as the card was able to have access to a database regarding her work.


  • He appears to enjoy Star Trek, as he was seen in a drinking game themed after the show with Reid and Gina Sharp ("The Big Game").
  • Prior to his surname being revealed in "The Fisher King, part 1," Anderson was credited in "Plain Sight," his debut episode, as "Clerical Agent".
  • Before his full first name was revealed in "200," it was hinted at in the first letter of his first name, as revealed by Rick Dunkle in a photo of Anderson's FBI ID, which was stated at the time to be relevant to the episode.