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Disambiguation: This page is about the government program. For the episode, see Gold Star.

Gold Star, also known as the Strike Team, is a government program that is prominently featured in Evolution.


Criminal Minds: Evolution[]

Modus Operandi[]



  • Leader: Trevor Carlyle (deceased)
  • Assets:
    • Don Bertoli (police officer; deceased). Portrayed by Zeke Alton.
    • Arturo Mendez (mechanical engineer; deceased).
    • Sean Riggs (senior insurance agent; deceased).
    • Gerald Fulton (security analyst; deceased).
    • Isaac Sanchez (detective; deceased). Portrayed by Clayton Cannon.

Known Victims[]

  • Presumably killed numerous unnamed victims as part of a government strike team.
  • 2023, February: The interrogation room attack carried out by Don Bertoli:
    • Two unnamed police officers (assaulted)
    • An unnamed police officer (assaulted and stole his gun)
    • Briefly held the following at gunpoint:
  • Intended to kill the following:
    • Damien Booth (assigned to Don Bertoli)
    • Aiden Keller (assigned to Arturo Mendez)
    • Pete B. (assigned to Sean Riggs)
    • Dana H. (assigned to Gerald Fulton)
    • Jade Waters (assigned to Isaac Sanchez)