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Gina Bryant is a girl who was abducted by Michael Clark Thompson. She appears in the Season Eleven episode of Criminal Minds, "Hostage".


Little is known about Bryant's personal life, other than she was born sometime in 1998 and raised in a foster family in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2006, when she was eight years old, she was abducted by Michael Clark Thompson and Amelia Hawthorne, who she only knew as Tom and Violet, respectively. The two took her to a home elsewhere in the city, where Thompson held her and Hawthorne captive in the basement. He renamed her to Rose, physically and sexually abused her, and tortured her. Later on, Thompson and Hawthorne abducted another girl named Sheila Woods, who was held captive and abused as well. Out of Thompson's three captives, Bryant was the most rebellious, resisting his attempts at grooming her, constantly helping Woods remember her real name, and trying to escape several times.


One night, Bryant tries to escape again by using a saw to cut through a lock, which is securing a gate leading to a window. Her sawing awakens Hawthorne, who asks Bryant what she is doing and refers to her as Rose, irritating her. Hawthorne then tries to stop Bryant from escaping, but she overpowers her and knocks her out. She then manages to completely saw off the lock, open up the gate, and break the window open. Before she escapes, she goes to the bedside of Woods, who is sick from a septic infection, and promises to come back for her, swearing it to her through a pinkie promise that had been a trademark among the three girls. After her escape, she is found by a police cruiser and taken to the hospital. Bryant points the police to the address where she was held captive, but the officers only find Woods, with Thompson and Hawthorne gone. This discovery causes the BAU to be informed of the breaking case and they fly to St. Louis to investigate.

The next day, JJ and Reid visit Bryant in her hospital room to interrogate her. She tells them about the day she was abducted and her foster family, who didn't care about her. Then, she begins to break down and apologizes. JJ and Reid take Bryant out of her room on a wheelchair and asks if she knows where Thompson is. She replies that they are probably at "The Disappearing Place", a secondary location where Thompson and Hawthorne go to. Bryant then tells them how she always rebelled against Thompson and made sure to have Woods remember her real name no matter what. Later, Bryant overhears JJ and Reid talking about Woods coding and becomes devastated when she dies. Afterwards, Bryant meets Woods' mother Eileen in another room. JJ introduces Eileen to Bryant; she apologizes to Eileen and tells her that she tried to help Woods. By the end of the episode, Bryant reunites with Hawthorne and they both hug each other before sharing a pinkie promise. She is last seen with Hawthorne and her daughters Lily and Jasmine when Hawthorne's parents come to the hospital room.