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When I saw the news... It all made sense. It's come back for revenge.

Gil Bonner is an incidental character who appeared in the Season Four episode of Criminal Minds, "Roadkill".


Very little is known about Gil's life, other than he was married to a woman named Paige, with whom he had a daughter named Louisa, who he doted on. He also worked as an architect and owned and drove a red two-door coupé. On the night of November 10, 2007, he was driving back home after visiting his sick mother in Eugene, Oregon. While driving along Route 7, Gil became distracted by his vibrating cellphone and accidentally knocked it off the seat. He attempted to reach for it and took his eyes off the road; when he looked back up a few seconds later, he had gone onto the oncoming lane and was about to hit what he thought was a truck. Gil managed to avoid it and looked at the rearview mirror, only to find that the vehicle had vanished. He believed it crashed, but chose to continue driving away from the scene, initially unable to accept the reality of the situation. He was never reported immediately after, causing him to believe the driver had been killed. Wracked with guilt from the incident ever since, Gil kept quiet about it and took up drinking, affecting both his personal and professional lives.


Gil is first seen at his workplace, where a coworker realizes he has been drinking on the job and lets him go home early. Later, following a series of murders in which the victims were deliberately run over by a truck, the BAU broadcast their profile of the unsub on the local news. Seeing the report, Gil believed the killer was the same driver he encountered that night and drives to the police station, where he recounts his experience to the BAU. After the case is closed, Gil learns that he was not indirectly responsible for the murders and the true details of his story: he ran a Volkswagen, not a truck, off the road that night, but the car only suffered some small damage and the driver was unhurt. Though he would be held responsible for fleeing the scene and have to pay for the damages, Gil is immensely relieved that he didn't kill anyone. He is last seen on a hill overlooking a stretch of Route 7, before reuniting with Paige and Louisa.