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Foreigners are invading from all corners. They are ruining Greece. I have to...eliminate them.

Giannis Petrou, a.k.a. "The Finder", was a racist budding serial killer by proxy, stalker, and abductor who appeared in "Pankration".


A Greek nationalist, Giannis developed a hatred towards immigrants and foreigners at some point in his life. One day in 2015, in the midst of the European migrant crisis, he talked about how Greece should have a fence around its borders to keep immigrants out. Josef Gashi, a man who was half-Greek and half-Turkish, heard what Giannis said and confronted him about it. This led Giannis to punch Josef, resulting in Josef beating him to near-death. Giannis had to spend the next few months in a rehabilitation clinic to recover. The beating Giannis had taken was so severe that he was rendered bedridden, unable to move, and had to relearn how walk, talk, and eat. The humiliation Giannis felt from being defeated by an immigrant and having to learn the basic necessities of life again made him obsess over getting revenge on Josef.

In 2017, after realizing that he could not take on Josef again, Giannis abducted Collin Marks, a former British Royal Marine who suffered from PTSD and came to Greece six weeks prior to the events of "Pankration" for work. This was not only out of his hatred of foreigners, but also because he felt that someone with Marks's training would be the perfect person to fight and kill Josef. He held Collin captive in a shipping container in the dock where Giannis used to work at as a security guard, tortured him so that he would be able to control him, and had him physically train to make sure he could not be so easily defeated. Before going after Josef, he decided to go after men who were foreigners and have Collin fight them as part of his training. He would do so until he felt that Collin was ready to kill Josef.


The IRT is called after Marks' first murder of Paul Stavros, a vacationing American. Petrou later sets up a Middle Eastern immigrant, Besnik Heta, to cage fight with Marks, Heta quickly being killed in the fight as well. He's also seen shocking Marks to keep him in line when he wants him to. Eventually, the team figures out he's the unsub and track him to the cargo station where the murders took place. With Josef Gashi already fighting Marks in the cage, Matthew Simmons goes to rescue Gashi and break Marks from his psychotic hold. In the meantime, Petrou shuffles in front of Jack Garrett, gun in his hand, ranting about his xeonphobic nationalism. When Garrett has none of it, Petrou, refusing to surrender, aims his pistol at garret to provoke suicide cop, which succeeds, as Garrett shoots Petrou dead and watches him fall back to the ground and die.

Giannis dead

Petrou's corpse.

Modus Operandi[]

Giannis targeted men who were born outside of Greece and were of similar height and weight as Josef. His first victim, Collin Marks, was abducted in an unspecified manner and tortured until he could be controlled by Giannis. He then had Marks fight and kill whomever he brought to fight him. With Paul Stavros and Besnik Heta, he abducted them at moments when they were their most vulnerable. When he abducted Josef (the object of his rage), he smashed one of the windows of his car while the latter was still in it using a blunt object, and then used the same object to knock him out. Each of his victims would be held inside a shipping container with gates inside of it that he could electrify to prevent them from escaping. After Collin killed his victims, Petrou would dump their bodies in public locations as a warning to any immigrants and foreigners living in Greece. He later attempted to shoot Garrett with a SIG Sauer P226.



Real-Life Comparison[]

Giannis appears to have been partially based on John Ausonius - Both were narcissistic killers (Petrou by proxy) who had an intense hatred towards foreign citizens and targeted them, personally shot (or attempted in Petrou's case) at least one victim, targeted victims of Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern descent, left their bodies in public locations as a warning to other immigrants and foreigners, and were given nicknames for their crimes.

Known Victims[]

Personal Victims[]

  • 2015: Josef Gashi (assaulted)
  • 2017:
    • Collin Marks (abducted and tortured, forced him to kill Paul and Besnik; was rescued)
    • Paul Stavros (abducted while inside a bathroom stall; was killed by Collin)
    • Besnik Heta (abducted while he was drunk; was killed by Collin like the previous victim)
    • Josef Gashi (assaulted and knocked unconscious with a blunt object, abducted, and forced him to fight Collin; was rescued)
    • Jack Garrett (attempted to shoot)

Victims by Proxy[]

The following were killed by Collin Marks

  • 2017:
    • Paul Stavros
    • Besnik Heta
    • Josef Gashi (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally beaten)
    • Matthew Simmons (assaulted and attempted to kill)


  • Petrou is similar to an unsub from the original show, John Vincent Bell - Both were abductors and proxy killers who had obsessions with fighting and had at least one before their killings (though Bell had murdered someone before), they would abduct men who they viewed as 'inferior' (foreigners in Petrou's case, homeless men in Bell's), torture their captives into compliance, then force their captives to fight each other to the death, they utilized both a handgun and blunt object in their crimes, and were ultimately shot dead by an FBI agent they tried to kill.