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George Cunningham is an incidental character and a suspect in a series of acid attacks. He appears in the Season Twelve episode of Criminal Minds, "Alpha Male".


George was antisocial and without friends or even a girlfriend, so he turned to the Internet for a safe haven. He found "No Means Yes", a website that fell into the manosphere, online communities of men that have been associated with misogyny and anti-feminism (though misogyny and anti-feminism are not the same thing). Though he didn't adhere to their views, George bonded with the site's other members, including Alan Crawford, who appealed to his loneliness; he even shared misogynistic and other hateful messages with them. Eventually, however, he met a woman named Melinda Carroll, and the two fell in love with each other and started a relationship. When he told the other members of "No Means Yes", he was met with a mostly positive response. Among those who commented negatively was the more socially isolated and inept Alan, who was motivated to commit a crime spree after realizing that even his online friends were finding love while he wasn't.

Alpha Male[]

In the episode, George is seen being called into the police station by the BAU. Alvez and JJ interrogate George and tells them about when he dated Melinda for six weeks. When Alvez tells George about "No Means Yes", he becomes shocked. George confesses that he posted the insults that he wrote because he was lonely, feeling sorry for himself and people thought he was a player before he met Melinda. Then, George says that he posted pictures of himself and Melinda and gives Alvez and JJ all of their contact information. He was presumably released afterwards.