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Jon Gary Grubbs (better known by his stage name Gary Grubbs) is an American actor.


Grubbs was born in Amory, Mississippi, on November 14, 1949. At some point, he met a woman named Glenda, whom he latter married. The two later moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1977, with the hopes that Grubbs would pursue a writing career. However, he instead went on an open call as an actor and received the part, which would later spark his acting career. During his career, Grubbs starred in a number of feature films, including JFK, Silkwood, Nadine, Honkytonk Man, The Border, X-Files The Movie, Doubletake, and Astronaut's Wife. On television, Grubbs became well-known through his portrayals of attorneys in two of the highest-rated programs in TV history, The Burning Bed and Fatal Vision. He has also starred in numerous made-for-TV movies and miniseries, including Canal Street Brothel, For One Night, and Foxfire, among many others. His recent series and episodic works include appearances on ER, Angel, NCIS, K-ville, Will & Grace, The O.C, and Criminal Minds.

In his personal life, Gary spent the last few years devoting much of his time to writing, having successfully sold two pilot scripts to CBS, as well as selling two screenplays and having his first full-length equity play, As The Crow Flies, receive its world premiere. The production was both a creative and financial success and received many positive reviews. Currently, he has a project in development at Warner Horizon. He and his wife have a daughter named Molly, who is employed at Team One Advertising in Los Angeles, and a son named Logan, who is a grad student at the University of Southern Mississippi.

On Criminal Minds[]

Grubbs portrayed Detective Oren Carr in the Season Eight episode "Through the Looking Glass".


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