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Galina Kadlec is the owner of the xxxanudu website which Emmanuel Rask used to live-stream his killings. She appears in the Season Fourteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Rule 34".


Not a lot of information is known about Galina’s past prior to the events of the episode. What is known, however, is that she was once a performance artist whose art was often charged with violating federal and state obscenity laws, although she was never convicted. She was the owner of a dark web website known as “xxxanudu”. The website would allow users to post disturbing and horrific videos for sexual pleasure and was married to Byron Maddock before divorcing him later on and lost the company in the divorce. At some point during her lifetime, she met and befriended Emmanuel Rask and provided him with both the usage of her website and an abandoned armory she had used for her websites.

Rule 34[]

Galina is first seen being interrogated by Simmons and Tara about the series of murders and her website, where she is being coy with them and tells them about Rule 34, 'If it exists, there's pornography of it. No exceptions.' She is cocky that the team won't find anything linking her to the murders and that karma can be a bitch. Rossi soon comes to interrogate her and Galina immediately recognizes him and tells Rossi she's a fan of his work. Denying a chance for a lawyer, Galina tells Rossi she knows how to deal with men like him. When Rossi mentions Galina's ex-husband betraying her by taking what she had in the divorce, including her company, her voice turned vicious before quietly asking for her lawyer. She is presumably incarcerated for ordering Rask to kill her ex-husband.

Known Victims[]

  • October 17, 2018: Byron Maddock (her ex-husband; ordered Emmanuel to kill him; was rescued)