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"From Childhood's Hour" is the fifth episode of Season Seven and the 143rd overall of Criminal Minds.


The BAU travels to St. Louis to investigate the disappearances of young children who have troubled mothers. Meanwhile, Rossi reconnects with his first wife Carolyn, who brings him disturbing news.

Guest Cast[]


  • "Do It" by Shana Halligan

Bookend Quotes[]

  • Spencer Reid: "From childhood's hour I have not been as others were; I have not seen as others saw." — Edgar Allan Poe
  • David Rossi: "All things truly wicked start from an innocence." — Ernest Hemingway


  • In the episode, it is stated that the unsub's mother committed suicide (though later it was revealed she was murdered) by jumping off a bridge and drowning in a river. However, his flashback instead depicts her falling onto concrete ground instead. This was likely just an error on the writer's part.


  1. Credited as "Unsub's Mom"

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