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Francis Goehring and Henry Frost were a pair of killers who killed several women in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "Identity".


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Modus Operandi[]

Targeting Caucasian brunette women, Goehring would abduct the victims from public places while Frost kept an eye out for potential witnesses. The two would then take them to Goehring's compound, where he would torture them with homemade, medieval-style tools while Frost videotaped the acts. After a few days, Goehring would kill the women in an unspecified way.


Goehring was never directly profiled by the team, but he appears to have been a narcissist as well as a sexual sadist. He referred to his compound as his "kingdom" and himself as "the Master", suggesting some sort of messianic delusions. As for Frost, he was described as a man in his early to mid-20s, 5'8", slightly built, shy, and retiring, but groomed by a separatist and armed with assault weaponry. Like Goehring, he is unlikely to surrender if cornered. His obsession with cleanliness and order is deeply ingrained, which will be reflected in his home and vehicle. He is the submissive partner who keeps to himself, avoids eye contact, rarely speaks, and when he does, he sounds "meek, almost feminine". As a result of the death of Goehring, who had brainwashed him with his rules and frequently told him how weak and pathetic he was, Frost suffered a major crisis and had to become Goehring as a way to keep him alive.

Real-Life Comparison[]

Goehring and Frost are very similar to Leonard Lake and Charles Ng - Both teams consisted of serial killers (budding at least) and abductors and at least one serial rapist (Goehring), and a survivalist (Ng and Frost) who primarily targeted women (though Ng and Lake also killed men and even children), kept them enslaved at a private compound which the dominant partner obtained from their ex-wives, raped and tortured them, videotaping the acts, and then killed them and disposed of them on the property. Additionally, the home videos where Goehring voices his narcissistic beliefs and his plans to enslave women are very similar to tapes made by Lake and Ng where Lake talks about his plan to do so. Both submissive partners suffered at the hands of their fathers at the age of 15 (Frost's father threw him out of his home while Ng's father sent him to boarding school), and both dominant partners were in the U.S. Armed Forces (Goehrig joined the Army, while Lake joined the Marines) and were discharged. Also both dominant partners committed suicide before they could be arrested for their murders.

Mutual Victims[]

  • September 2006: Michelle Lawford
  • 2007:
    • May: Jennifer Hillbridge
    • September: Darcy Cranwell
    • November 5-6: Angela Miller (abducted by both; killed by Frost after Goehring's suicide)