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Earl Bulford's jars filled with human eyes, enucleated from victims in "The Eyes Have It".

Enucleation is the medical term used to refer to the surgical removal of the eyes.


There are several variations of this procedure. Though the main one refers to either the complete removal of the visual organs while keeping the eyelids and surrounding tissue intact, or by only removing them in such a way that the orbital contents are still intact. Enucleation is typically used on patients with ocular tumors, damaged, or otherwise painful and useless eyes. The name of the procedure is of Greek origins, dating back to it's mythology, as a reference to Oedipus, who gouged out his own eyes in a rare form of self-harm called Self-Enucleation.

On Criminal Minds[]

On Criminal Minds, the term is used to refer to a criminal (usually a serial killer) who removes or mutilates the eyes of their victims. A criminal who does this is referred to as an Enucleator.

Enucleators on Criminal Minds[]

Enucleators featured on the show.

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