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Doctor Elizabeth Rhodes is a proxy killer who appears in the Season Fourteen episode "Flesh and Blood".


Not much information of Elizabeth's past is known prior to the events of "Flesh and Blood" except that her daughter, Robin, had been killed in an incident which was ruled as an "accidental death" and that she encountered David Smith at some point during her work as a psychologist and convinced him to kill the people that she believed were responsible in her daughter's death.

Flesh and Blood


Modus Operandi

While Elizabeth herself didn't participate in the murders, she manipulated David Smith into killing the people she believed were responsible for the death of her daughter by having him take the victims to an abandoned medical facility owned in her name, beating them and removing their hearts before discarding the bodies in the alleyway for the public to see like how his father, Joe Smith, did 11 years prior.


No official profile of Rhodes was made by the BAU since they focused more on David Smith.

Known Victims

  • 2018:
    • The following were killed by David Smith:
      • Shaun Tate
      • Anthony Nakamura
      • Dennis Kirkwood
      • James Baxter