You gotta be kidding. Mike is my best friend, he's like a brother. I would take a bullet for that guy!

Edward Calder is an accomplice of Michael Smith who appears in the Season Nine episode "What Happens in Mecklinburg".


Calder once attended Mecklinburg State University alongside Michael Smith, a friend of his who played in the college football team alongside him. In his later adult life, he worked as an ER physician at St. Luke's Hospital for the past fifteen years. When two football players that Smith coached, Adam Richmond and Trevor Burkett, raped a fraternity member named Lauryn-Anne Harrison, he approached Calder, whose hospital admitted Lauryn-Anne. Wanting to cover up ethically questionable purchases and payments he made for his football players, Smith pleaded Calder to change the medical report so details of the rape would be excluded. Wanting to support his longtime friend, Calder agreed to do so.

What Happens in Mecklinburg

In 2014, when Smith was abducted by Lauryn-Anne's sister Sheila, Calder is interrogated about the disappearance and lies to police that Smith was alone. This would later bring him under the scrutiny of the BAU, who questions him when Burkett and another college student named Christy White are abducted as well. He explains to Rossi his relationship with Smith and denies having anything to do with his disappearance. The next day, after the BAU find out about what he did to cover up Lauryn-Anne's rape, they bring him in again while he was in the middle of work, and confesses to Rossi and Hotch that Smith convinced him to change the medical report. Calder isn't seen again, but he was most likely incarcerated for his actions.


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