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Eduardo Ramos was a prolific gangster, one-time family annihilator, drug trafficker, hitman and a serial killer who appeared in the Season Fourteen episode "Luke".


While not much is revealed about Ramos' early life, he was the most feared hitman in Mexico, due to his utter lack of any moral code, who was with the dangerous Martinez cartel. Five years prior to the episode, Luke Alvez, Phil Brooks, Jeremy Grant, and Inspector Manny Silva were working a case with the DEA and Mexican police force with the goal being to arrest Ramos. Despite Grant having a clear kill shot at Ramos, Alvez manages to arrest him. Ramos stayed in prison for 3 years, and then he broke out and vanished. While Alvez, the FBI, and DEA believed Ramos would begin on a mission to target cartel members that led to his arrest, Ramos actually targeted members of the task force that assisted in his capture instead. Ramos managed to get a list of everybody involved with his arrest and went after the Grant family first because they lived the closest. He killed Grant's wife, Robin and their two daughters, Casey and Jody while he was overseas on an assignment and discovered the bodies, causing Grant to be placed on mandatory bereavement following these events. These events caused Grant to psychologically break, compelling him to seek and murder all members of the cartel, as a revenge for the slaughtering of his family. Grant managed to track down Ramos and kill him with his own M.O., avenging not only his family but also Ramos' victims.


Ramos is seen via flashbacks.

Modus Operandi

Ramos' signature and M.O. was forcing his victims to drink bleach before shooting them in the back of the head twice.


While there is no official profile on Ramos, according to Luke, he was the most feared hitman in Mexico or sicario, specifically a hitman who worked for Mexican drug cartels. He was the most feared due to his unrelenting focus and complete lack of boundaries and immoral code; if you're his target, he doesn't stop until you're dead. If that means going through every man, woman, and child with no hesitation; there's no bribing him or appealing to his senses.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates: At least 50 unnamed victims
  • August 8, 2018: The Grant family (Jeremy Grant's wife and daughters; killed for Grant arresting him; all were forced to drink bleach, then shot twice in the head)
    • Robin Grant
    • Casey Grant
    • Jody Grant