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Donald Drake Hogestyn is an American actor best known for his role as the amnesiac mercenary John Black in the hit NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.


Hogestyn was born on September 29, 1953, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Bill and Shug Hogestyn. Growing up, Hogestyn graduated from North Side High School and got to attend the University of South Florida on a baseball scholarship, where he would later graduate with a double major in microbiology and applied sciences. After college, Hogestyn decided to pursue a future in baseball, getting drafted by both the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees and eventually signing with the latter. However, a knee injury brought an end to his career, leading Hogestyn to pursue a career in acting.

Hogestyn got his first on-screen role in 1982, when he was cast as Brian McFadden for all 22 episodes of the musical television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Hogestyn got his first major role in 1986, when he was first cast as a man called "The Pawn". The Pawn was originally revealed to be the thought-dead Roman Brady, but outside events lead to Hogestyn's character getting retconned into becoming an amnesiac mercenary named John Black. He has been acting as John Black for over 1,000 episodes of the hit NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. He has also appeared in the TV shows and TV movies Days of Our Lives' 35th Anniversary, Night Sins, One Stormy Night, Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues, Generation, Otherworld, and Criminal Minds.

On Criminal Minds[]

Hogestyn portrayed Senator Alfred Mayhew, the father of would-be homicide victim Jessica Mayhew and an instrumental figure in bringing the BAU back to its original state, in the Season Thirteen episode "Last Gasp".


  • Days of Our Lives - 1,185 episodes (1986-2018) - John Black
  • Criminal Minds - "Last Gasp" (2018) TV episode - Senator Alfred Mayhew
  • Days of Our Lives' 35th Anniversary (2000) - John Black
  • Night Sins (1993) - John Black
  • One Stormy Night (1992) - John Black
  • Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues (1985) - Rod
  • Generation (1985) - Jack Breed
  • Otherworld (1985) - Kort
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - 22 episodes (1982-1983) - Brian McFadden

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