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Douglas "Doug" Silverman was a rapist, abductor, and accomplice of budding serial killer Ryan Phillips, who appeared in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "3rd Life".


A senior at Mayford High School in Chula Vista, California, Doug, according to his father, was a relativity shy boy who had trouble making friends. At some point, Doug and Taylor Coleman, a classmate, befriended Ryan Phillips, a 28-year-old delinquent. Doug's friendship with Ryan caused him to begin acting out and made his grades slip, but his father thought nothing of this; he believed his son was just going through a phase. Over a long weekend, on January 5, 2008, Ryan had Doug and Taylor help him abduct Katie Owen and her friend Lindsey Vaughn outside a theater. The trio took the girls to an abandoned house and sadistically tortured Katie, whom Ryan eventually strangled to death with his belt the next day. Ryan murdering Katie shocked Doug, who decided he wanted out, and tried to leave. An altercation ensued between the boys, and Doug was wounded when Ryan stabbed him three times in the chest. Doug survived long enough to stumble his way into the second floor of another empty house, where he tried to call for help with his cell phone but died of blood loss before he could even turn it on. Ryan and Taylor, unable to find Doug due to it being dark out, fled with Lindsey and Katie's body, thinking their accomplice had gotten away and would contact the police.

3rd Life[]

A few hours after his death, Doug's body is discovered by the BAU, who discern what had happened to him. Ryan and Taylor are both later shot by Jack Vaughan, Lindsey's father and a former hitman, with Ryan being killed and Taylor being hospitalized for serious injuries, but surviving.


No official profile of Doug was made by the BAU, as they were more focused on Ryan.

Modus Operandi[]

Doug abducted Katie and "Lindsey" outside a theater at night with the help of Ryan and Taylor. They then took them to an abandoned house, where they raped and tortured Katie by beating and cutting her.

Known Victims[]

  • January 5, 2008: Katie Owen and "Lindsey" Vaughn (both abducted):
    • Katie Owen (was raped and tortured by him and the others, then killed by Ryan the next day)
    • "Lindsey" Vaughn (was rescued a day after his death)



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