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Dorothy ranting to Reid and Tara

Dorothy Elgin was a serial killer and poisoner along with her husband Karl Elgin, who appeared in the Season Fourteen episode "Starter Home".


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Starter Home

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Modus Operandi

Karl and Dorothy would keep runaway female teens and young women at their house. The teens usually stayed willingly. Karl and Dorothy would coerce the victims to write letters to their family to make sure the family wouldn't report them missing. Dorothy would later poison the victims as they reminded her of her own runaway daughter. Karl would then hide the victims in the walls and floors of their house as a forensic countermeasure and to keep Dorothy happy as their "daughters" were still with them.


No official profile of Dorothy was made, as they were more focused on her grandson.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates from 1988 to 2008
    • Laura Burgess
    • Delta Coughlan
    • Penny Cumbre
    • Daria Underwood
    • Three unnamed women


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