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Donna Holston was an abductor and member of the Believers who appeared (through flashbacks) in the Season Thirteen episode "Believer".


Almost no information is known about Donna’s past prior to the events of “Believer”. What is known, however, is that she and her husband, Jerry, became followers of “The Believers”, a cult operating through the continental United States, and have tried to indoctrinate their son, Theo, to their cause. At some point, she and the rest of the Holston family abducted several people by drugging them with an unknown drug and torturing them in the basement of their home before killing them.


Donna and her husband, Jerry, mainly appeared in flashbacks where they would torture Owen Quinn, an FBI agent who was investigating the case of “The Strangler”, a killer who would strangle people and remove their hyoid bones (later to be revealed as Benjamin David Merva).

After a couple of months, upon learning that Theo hesitated to kill Owen Quinn, she and Jerry abducted his girlfriend, April. They tell Theo that if he didn’t kill Quinn, they’ll make him shoot April instead. However, Theo kills both of his parents and flees from the household with his girlfriend.

Modus Operandi

Not much is known of Donna's role in the Believers. It is implied that she would assist in the abductions with the husband, Jerry, by drugging the victims with an unknown drug prior to abducting them. She would also participate in the torture of the victims while in captivity, beating and strangling Owen while he is in captivity. It is unknown if she also drugged or tortured the other victims.

Known Victims

Note: The locations denote where the victims were abducted.

  • Unspecified dates:
    • New London, Connecticut: Unnamed victim
    • New Haven, Connecticut: Unnamed victim
    • Newark, New Jersey: Unnamed victim
    • New Brunswick, New Jersey: Unnamed victim
    • New Rochelle, New York: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location in Maryland: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location: Unnamed victim
    • Unspecified location, 2017: Owen Quinn (incidental; held captive and tortured)
    • Owen Quinn (attempted to force Theo to kill him)
    • April Pearson (held her hostage and threatened to murder her if Theo didn't kill Owen quinn)