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Deeley Henson is the older brother of abduction victims John and Allie Henson. He appears in the Season Twelve episode of Criminal Minds, "Elliott's Pond".


Not much is known about Deeley, other than he grew up in an unhappy household with his younger siblings, twins John and Allie. One night in 1983, he and the twins were out late at night. While returning home, John and Allie chose to race Deeley by going through a cornfield while he went through another path on his bicycle. However, the twins were abducted by Reginald Clemmons while passing through the cornfield, unbeknownst to Deeley. When the abductions were reported, Deeley wasn't considered a suspect by police, but he was still blamed for it by his parents. This traumatized Deeley, and he turned to alcohol as a solution to his problems as he grew older. He eventually grew up to become a local drunkard. Recently, Deeley had his driver's license revoked by the police, likely due to intoxicated driving, so he resorted to using his old bicycle as transportation.

Elliott's Pond[]

Thirty years later, as the BAU investigate the triple abduction of three boys by the twins, who had been brainwashed by Clemmons, he approaches Prentiss, Reid, and Chief Jim "Coop" Cooper at the cornfield while riding on his bicycle. When he questions them about their activities, they inform him about the abductions. Coop then tells Deeley that they don't want any trouble and asks him if he needs a ride home. Deeley proceeds to criticize Coop, telling him he should've called the FBI in years earlier, and refuses to be interrogated. Later, Reid and Alvez come to Deeley's residence to make a second attempt at interrogating him. As they interrogate him, they note Deeley's drinking habit, while he tells him about his experiences following the abductions of his siblings.

During the following night, Deeley comes to help the BAU when they investigate the cornfield, assuaging them with the insistence that he had been drinking coffee lately. Then, they hear someone screaming and they find one of the volunteers caught in a bear trap, which had been set up by the twins when they were out to abduct the boys. Deeley helps the man unlatch the bear trap and set himself free. Later, after all three boys are rescued and reunited with their parents, Deeley walks into Clemmons' house, having been called over there by the police, and Coop brings him to the basement. There, he finds John and Allie cowering under the staircase in the darkness, confused and frightened. Deeley kneels down and watches them; when they notice him, John and Allie crawl out from the staircase, initially puzzled. Then, their memories return, and the three share a tearful hug.