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I remember you.
Declan to his dying father in "It Takes a Village"

Declan (surname unrevealed) is the son of former IRA terrorist-turned-serial killer Ian Doyle and international criminal Chloe Donaghy. He appeared (through flashbacks) in Seasons Six and Seven of Criminal Minds.


Before his birth, his mother attempted to abort him by ingesting pills, but Doyle stopped her and imprisoned her until Declan was born with the help of his nanny Louise Thatcher. Louise raised Declan, so Doyle's enemies would not use his son against him. Emily Prentiss met Declan during her time undercover as Lauren Reynolds and Doyle wanted her to raise him to have his life if he was ever caught. Refusing to do that, Emily faked his and Louise's deaths and had a group of people that she trusted to help her; he and Louise were sent by Prentiss to live in Reston, Virginia. Living a quiet life in Virginia with Louise, he's an honor student at the boarding school he attended, playing on the lacrosse team and winning science fairs.

It Takes A Village[]

One day during school, Declan was sent home with food poisoning after eating tainted cupcakes brought by his mother. At night, Richard Gerace and Chloe break into the house, having Gerace disable pole cameras set up by Morgan earlier, and kill two FBI agents sent to the house and also Declan's nanny, who is brutally beaten to death by Chloe before taking Declan to one of Lachlan McDermott's warehouses where Chole tells him she is his mother. Just as they are about to leave the country, the BAU show up and offer Doyle up in exchange for Declan. McDermott is more than willing to make the deal, but Chloe, who was in it for his money, tries to stop him and is shot in the chest. As McDermott leads out Declan to the airstrip, Chloe staggers out of the plane, shoots him and Doyle to death before being shot again and killed by Reid, and he ends up in Prentiss' arms. Declan manages to hold his dying father's hand and tells him that he remembers him.