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You saved my life. I owe you.
Det. Rizzo

Detective David Rizzo is an incidental character who appeared in the Season Eight episode of Criminal Minds, "Carbon Copy".


Rizzo is a detective with the Philadelphia Police Department. In 2008, his partner was shot and killed while the two were investigating a federal case. As a result, Rizzo became distrustful of federal agents ever since.

Carbon Copy[]

After two women are exsanguinated and their eyelids removed post-mortem, Rizzo investigates. At the second crime scene, he is met by Morgan, JJ, and Reid. He is surprised to learn the FBI is involved with the investigation and starts acting hostile when JJ assures him that someone probably forgot to inform him. Rizzo shows them the body of the second victim and gives them her personal information. When JJ remarks that the unsub is showing remorse, judging by the disposal of the body, Rizzo gives her a sarcastic reply. Later, he is reprimanded by his superior, Captain Marcus Jackson, for his treatment of the BAU while in Jackson's office with Hotch and Rossi. Rizzo then asks why the BAU is investigating the murders if three are needed for federal jurisdiction. Rossi tells him that they have probable cause to believe the unsub is responsible for three other murders in three different states, but Rizzo says it is just probable cause. Rossi then assures that the BAU is just here to help, but Rizzo becomes hostile again, forcing Jackson to implicitly threaten to remove him from the case.

A moment later, a third body is discovered. Rizzo takes Hotch and Rossi to the body's location, where they find that the unsub left a photo of Hotch on the corpse. Later, Rizzo listens to the BAU's profile of the unsub and learns for the first time that they are investigating a copycat killer specifically focusing on cases the BAU closed earlier. Eventually, the BAU identify the unsub as Donnie Bidwell, who blamed the team for ruining his life when they initially considered him their prime suspect in the Jack Lee Kemper case in 1998. Rizzo accompanies the BAU to Donnie's house. They storm it and split up to search rooms. Rizzo declares one room clear but misses a hallway that Donnie emerges from, armed with a handgun. With Rizzo's back on him, Donnie tries to shoot him, but Morgan shoves him out of the way, saving his life. He and the agents then pursue Donnie outside, where he is cornered by police cars and arrested. Afterward, Rizzo approached Morgan and thanked him for saving his life. Then, he explains to him the circumstances behind his partner's death and tells Morgan that if there is anything he needs, he should call him. Later on, Rizzo informs the BAU about Donnie's drug overdose and watches with the rest of the team as he dies en route to the hospital.