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Dr. Daryl Wright is the ex-husband of Dr. Tara Lewis. He appeared in the Season Fourteen episode of Criminal Minds, "Broken Wing".


Not much is revealed on Dr. Wright's background other than during his collegiate years, he was briefly married to Tara Lewis when she was a professor and he was a graduate student working on his thesis and night. He began taking uppers to stay awake, thus causing a change in his behavior for the worst and their ultimate separate, even though he was convinced he had it all under control. Later in life, he married a woman named Mary a year prior, got his doctorate, did addiction treatment modalities, and have been sober five years.

Broken Wing[]

Dr. Wright is first seen walking in and manages to watch the last of Tara's lecture. Despite tension between the two of them in the fifteen years they last saw each other, he enlist her help as well as the team's help in investigating a series of overdoses at his wife's suggestion after being turned down by the LAPD. There are a couple of flashbacks; one of them of him announcing his soon-to-be doctorate and the worst moment in their marriage was him on drugs and his fight with Tara. Tara met Daryl's new wife and admits to her that Daryl wanted to make amends with her but his sponsor wanted him to leave Tara alone and allow her to live her best years. His wife also admits that he still talks about Tara; to the point his wife worries that Daryl with leave her with Tara and fears he has made the amends worse with the recent overdose killings. By the end of the episode, he and Tara end on good terms.