When I wake up in the morning, I see Kelly's face. When I close my eyes, she's still there. I don't know how long I can go on like this...

Darlene Beckett is a killer and the submissive partner of a two-person killing team led by Ellen Russell. They appear in the Season Eight episode "The Pact".


Darlene was happily married and had a very close relationship with her daughter, Kelly. One day, on March 2002, the two planned a vacation to Mexico and Kelly got out of school early to meet her mother so they could leave. Unfortunately, Kelly never arrived, as she suddenly went missing. Sometime later, her underwear was found in Mark Logan's car, covered in semen. He confessed to raping her, but the jury was unable to connect him to her disappearance because Kelly's body was never found. Darlene was enraged when she learned that the man who hurt her daughter would only get ten years. Broken by her daughter's disappearance, she developed chronic depression, which led to her divorce. She frequented several online support groups, eventually coming into contact with Ellen Russell, the aunt of a two-year-old boy named Sam Dolan, who was killed by a drunk driver named Brenda Wipley. The two women bonded over their shared experiences, believing that the justice system had failed them. When Mark was about to be released, the two women formulated a plan of revenge. They equipped themselves with items from Ellen's workplace at a local boat shop.

The Pact

See section on the Ellen Russell and Darlene Beckett page

Modus Operandi

With the exception of her first victim, Brenda Wipley, who was killed for causing the death of Ellen's nephew Sam, Darlene targeted people associated with her daughter Kelly Taylor's disappearance. She killed her victims by bludgeoning them several times with some sort of object, like a baseball bat or a shovel. Also, after her death, Brenda's body was dragged with a car post-mortem; Darlene was supposed to drag her while she was still alive, but couldn't bring herself to make her suffer like that.

Known Victims

  • 2012, California:
    • October 8:
      • San Diego: Brenda Wipley (the drunk driver who killed Sam; fatally bludgeoned at least twice with a baseball bat, then dragged by a car post-mortem)
      • Los Angeles: Mark Logan (the suspect in Kelly's disappearance; killed by Ellen; dragged by a car)
    • October 9, Los Angeles: Paul Montgomery (a friend of Mark Logan's; intended to kill, but was stopped by Ellen; later killed by Ellen)
    • October 10, Los Angeles: Jason Nelson (Kelly's rapist and killer; abducted, held at gunpoint, and bludgeoned five times with a shovel)



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