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The only way you're gonna catch this guy is if you do it together.
Damon to his children Alex and Scott

Damon Miller is the father of SSA Alex Blake, who appeared in the Season Nine episode of Criminal Minds, "Bully".


Little is known about Damon, other than he served in the Kansas City Police Department for a long time, rising to the ranks of Captain. He also had a wife who died of cancer, and a son named Danny, who worked as a police officer and died while intervening with an armed robbery. He eventually retired from his job, although he continued to oversee the police department's activities, something that annoyed his other son Scott, who worked as a police detective. His children have described Damon to have "hunches" that are always correct, and he also seemed to have a rather stubborn personality.


In the episode, Damon became suspicious of the murder of a jogger named David Morrison, which he felt was connected to the beating and choking deaths of two high-school students named Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne. As a result, he calls in his daughter Blake to investigate the case and deduce if there was any possible connection. At the time, she was concluding a case in Los Angeles, California, which resulted in her being shot in the arm by the unsub, though she doesn't tell him about it. When Blake and the rest of the BAU arrive in Kansas City, Damon arrives at the police station to greet Blake. He then encourages her and Scott to work together on the case.

Later, when Scott is beaten to unconsciousness by the unsub, while a man he was interviewing at the time of the attack is simultaneously murdered, Damon is the one who accompanies him to the hospital, encouraging Blake to stay behind at the scene. Sometime later, he calls Blake and tells her that Scott will make a good recovery, even though he suffered a concussion. By the end of the episode, Blake concludes the case, and she drives Scott over to the family home, where they find Damon and Garcia waiting for them. It is revealed that he invited the entire BAU team over to the house for a barbecue. The episode ends with all of them celebrating together.