List of criminals on Criminal Minds. Keep in mind that the articles accessible below will contain spoilers.

For minor criminals mentioned, see here.


For all assassins (or attempted assassins), see here.

Con Artists

For all con artists, see here.

Angels of Death

For all angels of death, see here.

Family Annihilators

For all family annihilators. see here.

Serial Killers

For all serial killers (including serial-turned-spree killers and serial rapists-turned-killers), see here.

Rampage Killers

For all rampage killers (spree killers and mass murderers), see here.

Budding Killers

For all budding serial killers and budding spree killers, see here.


For all hitmen (and hitwomen), see here.

Cop Killers

For all cop killers, see here.

Proxy Killers

For all killers by proxy, see here.

Serial Bombers

For all serial bombers, see here.

Serial Arsonists

For all serial arsonists, see here.

Serial Rapists

For all serial rapists, see here.


For all pedophiles, see here.


For all ephebophiles, see here.


For all hebephiles, see here.


For all necrophiliacs, see here.


For all enucleators, see here.

Cult Leaders

For all cult leaders, see here.


For all cannibals (of all types), see here.

Lonely Hearts Killers

For all lonely hearts killers, see here.

Bank Robbers

For all bank robbers, see here.


For all poisoners, see here.


For all stalkers, see here.


For all abductors, see here.


For all gangsters, see here.

Thrill Killers

For all thrill killers, see here.

School Shooters

For all school shooters, see here.


For all criminal snipers (including L.D.S.K.s), see here.

Teams and Organizations

For all criminal teams, families, groups, and organizations, see here.


For all vigilantes, see here.

Accomplices and Other Criminals

For all criminal accomplices, attempted murderers, and other miscellaneous criminals, see here.


For all terrorists, see here.

International Criminals

For all international criminals, see here.

Workplace Shooters

For all workplace shooters, see here.

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