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Courtney Mably is an incidental character who appears in the Season Fourteen episode in "Sick and Evil" as a suspect for Stephanie Carter's killings.


When she was eight, Courtney was in a car accident that resulted in the death of her twin sister. According to Penelope Garcia, Courtney is a Louisan Native where she was once an OR Nurse until she was terminated from her job for assaulting an employee despite she stated otherwise and makes money by being a blogger. Also, it is stated that she is obsessed with the haunted and its folklore of haunted.

Sick and Evil[]

In the episode, Courtney shows up at the murder scene where Tara Lewis and Jennifer Jareau were looking for evidence. She introduces herself to the agents and then is asked to leave the scene as it was under investigation. She is the one who made a 911 call when she was trying to investigate a "haunted" house only to find out she was in the middle of a murder scene. She was arrested and interrogated by Rossi where she gave the names of people who were known as "ghost hunters" and/or obsessed with haunted folklore.

The information helps the BAU as the unsub left a survivor, which is the victim's daughter gave a description to a sketch artist and the unsub is on the list Courtney gave to Rossi. She later meets with Stephanie Carter who was unknowingly the unsub where she witnessed Stephanie stabbed Patrick. Stephanie tried to kill her but she fought back and used a broken mirror that she and Stephanie crashed into previously to stab her thigh. She tried to escape but she is overpowered and tied down by Stephanie until she is saved by Rossi.

Before Courtney is taken to the hospital, Courtney explains to Rossi why she became a blogger and at first thought, it became a curse because she had almost died for something she became obsessed with and believes she should do something else. But, Rossi counters her and predicts that she had someone close to her that died. She cries and explains about how she lost her sister. Rossi encourages her that it is the most powerful thing that made her be good at what she was good at and to redeem herself in hopes to see her sister again. Before leaving, Courtney tells Rossi how she've seen things, and that she can see he is haunted by something.