Lakewood Memorial

A memorial for four police officers killed in a targeted shooting inside a coffee shop in Lakewood, Washington.

A Cop Killer is, as the title suggests, a person who kills at least one person working in the local police force or law enforcement agency. Usually, when a cop or agent is murdered, the rest of the police force/agency makes hunting the perpetrator down a top priority, as the officers intend for their colleague's death to not go unpunished. In the course of history, the term 'Cop Killer' has become applicable for anyone who works in some sort of law enforcement field, such as a security guard.

This is not to be confused with a Killer Cop, which is an officer of the law who commits an unjustifiable homicide.

On Criminal Minds

Note: Usually, when a policeman or agent is killed on the show it is incidental and not premeditated. One example of the contrary is Animal. Some notable cop killers on the show are:

Real World

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