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Connor Holt is an incidental character who created "The Mirror Man" creepypasta character. He appears in the Season Ten episode "Hashtag" as a suspect in William Pratt's murders, which were based on his character.


Nothing is known about Connor's background other than his father's name is Leo. An aspiring writer, Connor attended Sunnydale High School, a local Maryland high school. There, he befriended a junior named William Pratt, who had lost his parents in a car accident; William came to look up to him as a role model. Connor, unsatisfied with how everyone was so engrossed with their mobile devices, decided to create a new boogeyman for the digital age. Together with William, he created "The Mirror Man", which was an entity described to appear in windows or mirrors behind people as they took photos of themselves (or selfies) and published them online. The tale of The Mirror Man grew excessively in popularity, but Connor, satisfied with his handiwork, apparently wanted to stop distributing the lore. Eventually, William, hoping to please Connor, decided to give The Mirror Man more fame by committing a series of murders based on the entity.


In the wake of William's first murder, Connor is first seen with him and another student, Daniel Osbourne, at the local shopping mall. There, they discuss William's victim before spotting Alexander Chase, who did a promotional video with the victim. The trio jokingly assumes Alexander is the murderer. Later on, Alexander is killed by William, followed by Daniel. When the investigation into William's murders turned to Connor, the BAU storm his house and bring him into the police station. He pleads that he is innocent of the murders, but reveals that he did indeed create the legend of The Mirror Man. Realizing that Connor is innocent, Morgan asks him about someone who looks up to him. Connor realizes that the killer is William, telling the agent about this. He then asks Morgan if this is his fault, and Morgan tries to comfort him. When William is taken to the hospital after being shot during a standoff, Connor visits him and tries to protest that he never wanted this, but William calmly tells him that they are going to be famous. When Connor tries to leave, William asks for his cell phone. Connor gives it to him and watches as he takes a selfie of himself, disturbing both him and Morgan as he watches nearby.