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I didn't wanna hurt them!

Collin Marks aka The Fighter is a violently psychotic budding serial killer and an imprisoned torture/brainwashing victim of Giannis Petrou who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Pankration".


Collin Marks was a highly skilled soldier from the British Royal Marine Force, with a talent for hand to hand combat. He had severe PTSD from his service and decided to seek refuge and work in Greece as his own therapy retreat, arriving early to get a sense of Athens to acclimate to the city. A local xenophobe, Giannis Petrou, spotted him and, wanting to get revenge for being disabled in a bar fight by another foreigner, abducted Marks and kept him hostage in a cargo container storage area. While there, Marks was severely tortured to be conditioned into fighting to the death when Petrou wanted him to. To this end, Marks started being prepared to kill the foreigner by getting into cage fights with other immigrants as test runs.


Marks first brutally murders Paul Stavros, an American on vacation, which brings the IRT to Greece for consultation. He's first actually seen in the cargo container he commits the murders in when Besnik Heta, a Middle Eastern immigrant, is put in their with him by Petrou. Marks, in a psychotic rage with bloodshot eyes, brutally kills him too, as well as is seen once or twice in the episode training for the next fight and screaming to get fired up. By the time Petrou abducts and cages Gashi, and thus the fight commences between him and Marks, the IRT have already responded. Jack Garrett has already killed Petrou in self-defense by shooting him dead, but Matt Simmons charges headfirst into the cage. He frees Gashi, but Marks and he start brawling in the cage. Simmons immobilizes him best he can and fights off his skilled combat to not severely injure him, screaming at him to stop and that he doesn't need to fight anymore to break out of his Stockholm Syndrome. Marks drops to his knees covered and blood and cries, saying he never wanted to hurt the men he fought. Simmons consoles him while he breaks down and promises to get him help. Because of Marks' captivity, torture, and brainwashing, he's institutionalized to treat his shattered psyche.

Modus Operandi[]

At Petrou's direction, Marks was forced to get into fatal cage fights with immigrants Petrou would target and abduct, which Marks would always win from his experience in military combat. Petrou's intended target, Josef Gashi was nearly killed, but the IRT saved him just in time. Marks, in a psychotic break, almost killed Matt Simmons as well, but Simmons fought him off and rendered him physically immobile enough to come to his senses and break from his psychotic state so he'd remember he wouldn't have to fight anymore.


No official profile of Marks was made, as the IRT was focused on profiling Petrou.

Known Victims[]

  • Paul Stavros
  • Besnik Heta
  • Josef Gashi (attempted, but survived; was non-fatally beaten)
  • Matthew Simmons (assaulted and attempted to kill)


Season Two