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Colin Dupley was a serial killer[2], abductor, and client of a human trafficking ring. He appeared in the Season Ten episode of Criminal Minds, "The Hunt".


Absolutely nothing is known about Dupley, including why he started killing in the first place. He somehow came across a human trafficking ring and became one of its clients, later being described as one of the ring's "favorites".

The Hunt[]

Dupley is first seen browsing through the ring's online auction and spots Meg Callahan, who is open for bidding. He is able to make the highest bid and therefore secure a win, much to his satisfaction. Later on, Dupley meets up with Alex Zorgen, reassuring him that he will dispose of Meg just like his other victims. Convinced, Alex loans Meg to him, and Dupley drives her home while holding her captive in the trunk of his car. After arriving home, Dupley hangs her by her wrists from the ceiling of his basement and takes out several bladed weapons, presumably preparing to torture her. Meg tries to buy time by pretending to be a psychopath, but this only frustrates Dupley, who prepares to attack her. As a result, she screams out, drawing the BAU to her position. JJ breaches the basement and shoots Dupley three times, killing him.

Modus Operandi[]

Absolutely nothing is known about Dupley's murders, although Donna Mangold mentioned that he would cut up the bodies and dispose of the pieces in the Potomac River. It is unknown if he cut up the victims before or after he killed them. It is implied from his attempt on Meg's life that he would torture his victims with bladed weapons while hanging them from the ceiling of his basement, entranced to signature background music.


No profile of Dupley was made by the BAU, as they were focused on the ring.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates: Numerous unnamed victims
  • May 1, 2015: Meg Callahan (purchased from the ring, held captive, and attempted to kill)




  1. It is actually unconfirmed whether he is a serial killer or not because a final body count for him wasn't revealed, but Dupley is listed as such because of the dialogue between him and Alex Zorgen, along with Donna Mangold's description of him, both of which imply he had been killing for a long time.
  2. Same as above