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These vicious home invasions are a sign of the times. As demographics change, so do crime rates. Now we may not be able to slow the browning in America, but we can sure as hell take our city back. And if you elect me, I'll lead that charge.Preston

Clark Preston is a psychopathic mayoral candidate and proxy killer, and one-time proxy rapist who appears in the Season Seven episode of Criminal Minds, "A Thin Line," in which he manipulated Trevor Mills in his serial killings.


Nothing is known about Preston's background, other than he is a closet psychopath and at some point became a candidate for Mayor. A businessman dealing with real-estate, Preston was greedy for money, which culminated in him formulating a scheme to create a crime wave he would gain money from when property values went down as a result, during 2002. He started by hiring Ronnie Green and Carlos Jackson to invade the home of Trevor Mills and his family. Green and Jackson did, and in the end, Mills' father and sister were killed and his mother Pamela was raped and critically wounded to a near-vegetative state. Mills escaped by hiding in a closet. Preston's scheme apparently failed when Green and Jackson were eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison for the attack. They had claimed that they had been paid to commit the attack, but it couldn't be proven. In order to receive some sort of benefit from the attack, he started supporting Mills and Pamela, and also gained money from the latter, who used her disability check to donate money. Meanwhile, Mills began idolizing Preston to a point where he adopted what he believed to be his racist beliefs as his own. Ten years after the Mills tragedy, Preston devised a new scheme to gain money and became a politician. However, his attempt to become a member of the local city council a year prior to the episode failed.

A Thin Line

In 2012, Preston started a mayoral campaign. He convinced Mills to commit a string of home invasions and murders that seemed to be the work of gangs whose members were of ethnic minorities, to which he would then use the crimes as arguments for his campaign. When the BAU is called in to investigate, they interrogate Preston after seeing one of his speeches to get rid of gangs if Mills' murders are to be stopped. Told to stop promoting his arguments in order to stop the unsub from getting more inspiration, Preston turns them down and leaves, to which the BAU began to suspect him of some sort of involvement. Preston later visits Mills and Pamela, giving the latter flowers, and then instructs Mills that they need to "time their moves". Instead, an impatient Mills kills another family the following night but leaves behind a witness. Beginning to feel the heat, Preston tells Mills to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Garcia finds out about Preston's involvement in the attack of the Mills family. When Mills is killed by Morgan after he tries to kill Preston's rival candidate, Rossi and Hotch arrest Preston in front of his campaign staff as he constantly denies any involvement. He is presumably incarcerated afterwards.

Known Victims

All of the following were victims by proxy

  • February 6, 2002: The Mills family (attacked by Ronnie Green and Carlos Jackson)
    • Robert Mills (father; beaten and stabbed)
    • Pamela Mills (mother; assaulted and raped so severely that she was left in a vegetative state; survived)
    • Julie Mills (daughter; beaten and stabbed)
  • The 2012 shootings committed by Trevor Mills:
    • February 16: The first home invasion:
      • The Mitchell family
        • Brian Mitchell (father)
        • The unnamed mother
        • Two unnamed sons
      • Alex Collison (a gang member; set up as the attacker; shot repeatedly in the head and abdomen with the family's weapon)
    • February 20: The second home invasion:
      • The Lewis family (all were shot with a .357 handgun)
        • Matt Lewis (father; shot once in the head at near-point-blank range)
        • Trisha Lewis (mother)
        • Mackenzie Lewis (eldest daughter; shot in the neck)
        • Blake Lewis[1] (youngest daughter)
      • Ronald Underwood (a struggling college student; set up as the attacker; shot eleven times in the head and abdomen with the family's weapon)
    • February 22: The third home invasion:
      • Charles and Karen Nelson:
        • Charles Nelson
        • Karen Nelson (was eight months pregnant)
      • Pedro Mendez (an illegal immigrant; set up as the attacker; shot six times in the head and abdomen with the couple's .38 snub-nosed revolver)
    • February 23: The fourth home invasion:
      • The Wilson family
        • The unnamed parents
        • Billy Wilson (son; forced him into a closet, then shot in the chest)
        • Kelly Wilson (daughter)
      • Ramon Gomez (an illegal immigrant; drugged, abducted, assaulted, and intended to kill to frame him for the familicide; he escaped)


  • Preston seems to have been inspired by Ray Campion ("The Performer") - Both are psychopathic proxy killers with an emotionally unstable proxy (Trevor Mills in Preston's case, Gina King in Campion's), whom they manipulated into becoming serial killers, both of which were used by them as promotion of some kind (Preston wanted to promote his Mayor campaign, Campion wanted to promote his music album), and were both apprehended by the BAU and (presumably) incarcerated.
  • Preston also bears similarities to James Stanworth ("25 to Life") - Both are psychopathic proxy killers (though Stanworth also killed some of his victims personally) who were involved in murders that occurred decades prior to the events of their episodes, led successful lives as wealthy businessmen, had a patsy who they intended to blame their precursor crimes on, and launched a campaign for public office shortly before their arrests (Preston was running for Mayor while Stanworth was running for Congress.) Furthermore, the scene in which Preston is led away by the BAU in front of his campaign staff mirrors Stanworth's arrest, which occurred at a dinner party to benefit his campaign.



  1. Though Blake Lewis's first name is more common as a male name, it has been said several times she was a girl
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