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I will burn you like I burned them! I'll cut you! I will kill you all!

Clark Earle Page is a serial killer and abductor who appeared in the Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior episode "Strays".


Almost no information is revealed about Clark’s past prior to the events of “Strays”. Clark's record includes sex offenses and vagrancy, and he had a habit from household inhalants, once needing a hospital visit for taking in dangerous levels of butane.

He found work as a bicycle shop repairman who somehow got into contact with Thomas Luca and began assisting him with the abduction of several women and girls to sell/auction off in human trafficking. His sadistic nature was fed by women and girls assigned to help him by Luca, young and high-risk for him to beat, torture, and eventually kill to his liking in excsnge for their drug habits being fed, while Clark caged captive several women and girls athis houe until they were to be transported.


Page first appears unseen in a car where Thalia Carp has led Emily Thorpe, a D.C. judge's daughter, to an alley where he's waiting in a car.

From there Page abducts her and chains her in a cell with a dog bolow, similarly to a girl in an adjacent cell. Page and Carp appear, where Page starts to get aggressive in preparing the girls and how they're being treated. When Carp gets nervous and tries to get Page to slow down, he snaps and stabs her to death in anger before disposing of her in an alley.

Once he's identified from his record being tracked, he's surrounded at his family home and arrested in a failed attempt to escape out of the crawl space. In interrogation, the team takes time with him as he stays silent to get the information they need from him, knowing he's dissociated from the shock of his actions. When asked about the girls, they get progress in him saying "I don't know", so they cuff him and return him to his cell.

Fickler gets impatient and demands the Red Cell Team to pry the answers out of Page, even though they know that's only going to provoke him and make him less cooperative. Prophet nevertheless makes Page stand in a tape square against a wall and scares him by saying that's the size of his future cell. Page just loses it and screams at everyone through the window, threatening their lives.

Eventually, Luca's ring was tracked and disbanded, and Emily was rescued. Page was imprisoned once he was charged and no longer useful.


The unsub is a white male between the ages of 25 and 35. There is no sexual assault in the murders, so the fact that he uses a knife to kill his victims could mean that he is impotent. The stabbing is a substitution for the act of sex, so he may be a registered sex offender previously convicted, not for rape, but for exposure or peeping. If he either has to blitz-attack his victims or use a lure to get close to women, he is most likely socially awkward; he may even be disfigured. His job would have to be something that requires no social interaction. He will make the people around him nervous, even in this neighborhood where he hunts, and have records for vagrancy. If he is socially inept, then he may be afraid to approach even drug dealers. He will have records of low-rent, over-the-counter highs (household inhalants, paint thinner, glue, etc.).

Modus Operandi[]

Page, working in cohort with Thomas Luca, would kidnap women for auction, leaving them in his property attic spaces in cages and chained and with pet bowls for food and drink, doing so with the assistance of various high-risk women Luca assigned to work with him. Luca would take the kidnapped women when they were ready for auction, and when Page was furious or bored with the women working as accomplices, all young, blond, and with substance addictions, he killed them through repeatedly stabbing them, often twisting the blade inside the wounds aggressively. He would also beat and torture the women he killed beforehand, his signature being inflicting cigarette burns on their inner knees, one burn for each day he keeps them working for him and Luca. He would then leave the women to be found dead in alleyways not too far from his house.

Known Victims[]

  • Unknown dates: Numerous unnamed women (abducted with the assistance of numerous high-risk women, held captive in his home, then transported to Thomas Luca)
  • Several months throughout 2010-2011: (forced into criminal work; regularly burned their inner knees with cigarettes once each day and tortured; eventually stabbed to death)
    • At least three unnamed high-risk women
    • Sonya Meredith
  • Unknown date: Unidentified woman (abducted with the assistance of Thalia Carp, held captive in his home, then transported to Thomas Luca; status unknown)
  • May 11, 2011: Emily Thorpe (abducted with the assistance of Thalia Carp, held captive in his home, then transported to Thomas Luca; sold and nearly raped; but was rescued)
  • May 11-12, 2011: Thalia Carp (his last high-risk accomplice; forced into criminal work; regularly burned her inner knee with cigarettes once each day and tortured; eventually stabbed to death)