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I don't know if I want those skills. I just can't have this become my life.

Clark (first name unrevealed) is an FBI regional coordinator who appears in the Season Twelve episode of Criminal Minds, "Profiling 202" as an incidental character.


Nothing about Clark's background is ever specified, not even his first name. At some point, he became an FBI agent and climbed the ranks to become a regional coordinator. Clark became particularly interested in criminal profiling and selected that field as his planned specialty. He was also recently engaged to an unidentified woman.

Profiling 202[]

Clark is first seen attending a profiling class, where Rossi, Prentiss, and new BAU agent Stephen Walker educate them on using the profile to talk down suspects during hostage situations. Afterward, he and a few other classmates attempt to give Rossi a bottle of scotch as a birthday present, but he coldly turns them down. Prentiss and Walker then tell them about Thomas Yates and his recent escape from prison. Clark and the rest of the class then assist the BAU in tracking down Yates. After Yates is tracked down and killed, Rossi apologizes to Clark and his classmates and accepts their birthday present for him before inviting them all to a private party at his estate. Afterward, Clark approaches Rossi outside of class; he thanks him, but then announces that he is leaving the program because he got engaged and he can't bring home the insanities of the job he would use the profiling skills for, but he thanks Rossi again and walks away.