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Clara Seger is an agent of the FBI's International Response Team (IRT), which is featured in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She appeared in the Season Twelve episode of Criminal Minds, "Spencer".


Nothing is known about Seger yet, other than she is Christian and was married to an agent named Brad Seger and worked as a criminalist attached to Jack Garrett's International Response Team. Around 2013, she took a sabbatical from the FBI after Brad died in the line of duty, which Clara struggled to cope with. She didn't participate in the case solved in the backdoor episode that aired as part of Criminal Minds' tenth season as she had yet to return to the IRT at the time.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders[]

She was one of the main characters of the series until its cancellation.


While the IRT is working on a case in Costa Rica, Seger and Matthew Simmons are called in by Prentiss to help Reid when he is arrested in Mexico for drug possession and the murder of Nadie Ramos. Seger tells Reid that there are no illegal substances on him and asks him about the vials of experimental medication that he had on him. She then questions Reid about being in Mexico and getting the vials needed for his schizophrenic mother, who has Alzheimer's disease. Afterward, the Mexican police are given orders to transfer Reid to Prisión de Máxima Seguridad El Diablo, but Nadie had dual American-Mexican citizenship, there are legal grounds to stop the transfer and extradite Reid back to the U.S. Seger is last seen on the plane with Matt along with the rest of the team.