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Chris Long is a British director and producer.


After moving to the U.S. in 1990 from the U.K. and seguing from post-production to producing, Long began a career of directing and executing-producing a number of top-rated international series. He eventually got a job as a director on The Mentalist, which he became well-known for. The show has received multiple honors, Emmy nominations, and received the prestigious Monte-Carlo TV Award in 2013 for the most-watched drama in the world, with 58.1 million viewers per episode. So far, Long has directed twenty-five episodes of the show. He has directed over numerous comedy and drama series and films, and also produced several TV series around the world. In his personal life, Long is co-president of Scallie Filmworks, Inc., a production company committed to creating quality content in TV, movies, and documentaries.

On Criminal Minds[]

Long directed the Season One episode "Riding the Lightning".