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Do you know who I am? [...] I'm your mum.

Chloe Donaghy was an international spree killer, poisoner, gangster, and both a human and contraband trafficker. She was Ian Doyle's former lover and Declan's mother. She appeared in the Season Seven episode of Criminal Minds "It Takes a Village" through flashbacks.


Donaghy, a Irish citizen, was born on September 3, 1969, and was the former leader of an international prostitution ring who later upgraded her interests to chemicals. Her illegal activities with both prostitution and chemicals attracted the attention of some law enforcement agency (possibly Interpol), who tried to arrest her for manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, possession, and weapons charges. She only served three years and had various international contacts with a great deal of money. She met Ian Doyle around the 1990s and had a sexual relationship with him, ending up pregnant with his child, a boy later named Declan, whom she attempted to kill by inducing abortion pills at two months. Doyle managed to stop her by forcing her to spit out the drugs and kept her prisoner for seven months by chaining her to a bed so she wouldn't try to end her pregnancy again, after which Louise Thatcher, Doyle's nanny, helped her give birth. Doyle then paid her "a lot of money for her troubles" and sent her on her way. How she spent the next few years is unspecified, though it can be assumed that she ran more criminal enterprises.

It Takes a Village[]

She appears after years away from Doyle to enact her revenge using the one thing he loves most in this world, his son. She partners up with two of Doyle's old enemies, Richard Gerace and Lachlan McDermott, and plot to abduct Declan. They make their first move when Donaghy gives all the children at Declan's school poisoned cupcakes, sending all the children, including Declan, home. She then has Gerace cover the cameras surrounding Declan's house and they move in posing as FBI agents. They kill the two FBI agents protecting Declan and Thatcher and then proceeds to torture the latter in revenge for forcing a son out of her. She then takes Declan to her hideout, explaining that she is his mother. Donaghy then kills her partner so she can sell Declan to McDermott and keep all the money to herself. She then makes contact with McDermott for a ride out of the states. But just as they are about to leave, the BAU show up and offer Doyle up in exchange for Declan. Donaghy doesn't want to give him up, but she isn't given a choice as McDermott shoots her in the chest and takes Declan outside for the trade. Before it can go through, however, Donaghy stumbles onto the scene and is able to kill both Doyle and McDermott before being killed by Reid.

Modus Operandi[]

Donaghy usually operated with a partner. Because she was described as the alpha of her gang, it is implied that she was usually the one who committed the killings while her partner covers her tracks, though this is unconfirmed. She later killed her partner when he has outlived his usefulness. Whenever she murdered personally, her weapon of choice was a semiautomatic handgun, although she attacked Louise Thatcher by beating her to death and shoving her into the closet. She also poisoned several boys at Declan's school with food laced with an unspecified poison, but none of them died; this appeared to be intentional, as it allowed Declan to go home early and give her an opening in abducting him.


The BAU profiled her as being methodical, organized, professional, and overall motivated by revenge against Doyle. This is shown also to people connected to Doyle as shown when she beat the caregiver's face in a fit of rage. She was described as the alpha compared to her partner in Declan's abduction, Richard Gerace.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unspecified crimes committed prior to her incarceration
  • 2011:
    • September 8:
      • Numerous unnamed boys at Declan's school (attempted, but survived; all poisoned with food, but the poison wasn't lethal)
      • The attack at Declan's house:
        • One to two unnamed FBI agents (apparently killed by blunt-force trauma to the head)
        • Louise Thatcher (Declan's nanny; beaten to death)
        • Declan (her son with Doyle; non-fatally poisoned with food at his school, then abducted and intended to sell; was rescued the next day)
    • September 9:



  1. A female version of a pimp