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Chloe's Gang (so named in this wiki) was a group of international criminals that went on a mission to exact revenge on terrorist Ian Doyle. They appeared (via flashbacks) in the Season Seven episode "It Takes a Village".


See the Chloe Donaghy, Lachlan McDermott, and Richard Gerace's articles

Modus Operandi[]

During the invasion of Declan's home, Donaghy and Gerace entered the house and killed everyone inside with blunt-force trauma. Declan's nanny was also beaten severely out of rage. Gerace was shot, as were Doyle and McDermott.


The group was profiled as being highly organized and meticulous. All three members were motivated by money and an intense hatred of Ian Doyle. Donaghy, who beat Declan's nanny Louise Thatcher to death out of rage because she had assisted in the delivery of Declan, was profiled as being the alpha member and leader of the group.


Mutual Victims[]

  • 2011:
    • September 8: The attack at Declan's home committed by Donaghy and Gerace:
      • Two unnamed FBI agents (killed apparently by blunt-force trauma to the head by Donaghy and/or Gerace)
      • Louise Thatcher (Declan's nanny; beaten to death by Donaghy)
      • Declan Doyle (Doyle and Donaghy's son; abducted by Donaghy and Gerace; was rescued the next day)
    • September 9: Richard Gerace (member; shot in the head by Donaghy)