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Charlie Hillridge is an incidental character who was abducted as a boy by Anita and Roger Roycewood and later became their unwilling accomplice. He appeared in the Season Five episode of Criminal Minds, "Mosley Lane".


Charlie Hillridge was 8 years old when he was abducted by Anita and Roger Roycewood, as their fourth victim. At the time, his mother was distracted by a woman calling for help about her missing son. Charlie, renamed David, would spend the rest of his childhood raised as a captive of the Roycewoods, where he eventually became an unwilling accomplice to their crimes when he came of age. He would take pictures of all the children that the Roycewoods kidnap, and ask for their real names. By the time of the latest abduction, he was the oldest child held for the longest time.

Mosley Lane[]

Charlie grabbed Aimee Lynch from the fair, while Anita Roycewood was calling out for help because a child was missing, a ruse. When they got to their "home," Charlie asked for her name and took a photo of her. Roger came into the room, where he yelled at Charlie for "taking those pictures again" and hit him as he drugs him from the room. When Agents Morgan and Prentiss question Roger, Anita injects Aimee with drugs to keep her quiet and still. Anita makes Charlie carry Aimee as he, Aimee, Anita, and Mae (another girl who was kidnapped by the Roycewoods) sneak outside and away to where Anita plans to cremate them. After Anita burned a sack full of Charlie and Mae's belongings, Anita orders Charlie to place Aimee in a cardboard box. As Charlie does, Mae begins to cry. Anita orders him to stop her crying, and after Charlie does not respond to her orders to quiet the girl, Anita tries to do so herself. While backing Mae into a corner, Anita is stopped by Charlie, who threatens her with a gun he had found in her purse. Not taking Charlie seriously, Anita taunts him but is killed mid-sentence when Charlie shoots her in the chest, just as Morgan and Prentiss burst in. Afterwards, Charlie is reunited with his parents, and custody of him is presumably granted to either of them. Charlie then meets Stephen’s parents, telling them that Stephen was like a brother to him. When asked by Mr. Shepherd how old Stephen was when he died, Charlie told them that their son died protecting Aimee, and he looks on as the couple breaks down in tears as they realize he died just the day prior.

Modus Operandi[]

See section on the Roycewoods page

Real-Life Comparison[]

Charlie's partnership with Anita is very similar to Elmer Wayne Henley's with Dean Corll - Both are accomplices to a serial killer and abductor who both abducted and made them into accomplices, their serial killer partners targeted young victims and had them abduct and bring them to their victims to them in their houses, where they would be kept in a room in the house and ultimately be physically and (possibly in the Roycewoods' case) sexually abused before being killed. Eventually, both accomplices betrayed and shot their serial killer partners to death while they were attempting to kill a final victim. It's also interesting to note that Roger being an electrician might be another nod to Corll, who worked as an electrician at the time of his death.