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Charles Dewey is a television writer and production staff member best known for his work on the hit police procedural series Criminal Minds.


Dewey has been working in the entertainment industry since 2009, having started as a production assistant for two episodes of Brotherhood and continued to work as a production assistant for movies and TV shows like The Pink Panther 2, Ghost Hunter, White Collar, Date Night, Remember Me, Public Morals, and The Jim Gaffigan Show, before eventually getting hired as a member of the production staff of Criminal Minds. Dewey soon got a chance to write an episode for Criminal Minds, and wrote "Chameleon" alongside Breen Frazier. Since the end of the series, Dewey began working on the show Star Trek: Picard, as a script coordinator.

On Criminal Minds[]

Dewey co-wrote the Season Fourteen episode "Chameleon" with Breen Frazier.

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