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Chad Griffith and Andrew Ford were a two-person team of abductors who appeared in the Season Ten episode of Criminal Minds, "The Boys of Sudworth Place".


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Modus Operandi[]

Griffith and Ford abducted Jack Westbrook in an organized fashion. Griffith lured in Westbrook by smashing his car repeatedly with a baseball bat and taunting him by coolly smoking a cigarette at his direction. Then, Griffith fled, allowing Westbrook to pursue him into a secluded alleyway. There, while Westbrook was distracted by him, Ford shoved a bag over the former's head from behind and subdued him. The two then took Westbrook to an abandoned warehouse, where they threw him into a pit full of shattered glass. Next, Griffith tortured Westbrook by throwing bottles at him, shooting at him with a handgun, and spraying him with a powerful hose while he was stripped of his clothes. All the while, Ford recorded and took photos of the acts (referencing how Westbrook would take photos of his victims and keep them as trophies). Griffith later tried to kill Westbrook by shooting him with the same handgun.


The unsubs are two white males who abducted Westbrook because of his previously unknown history as a pedophile. Based on the dates on the photos kept in the apartment where Westbrook would molest his victims, at least one of the unsubs are in their 20s. They are former molestation victims and/or family members who are seeking revenge. When the victims were younger, each of them had run-ins with the law, which is how they came in contact with Westbrook. They have now been carrying the burden of the victimization around for years, and it has affected their ability to find and maintain employment, as well as serious relationships. This mutual trauma would cause both of them to isolate themselves from others, yet draw them close to one another. Their shared motive of revenge against Westbrook makes them extremely dangerous and volatile, as it is fueled by years of shame, hatred, and anger that has finally exploded to the surface. It is likely something had triggered one, if not both of the unsubs to abduct Westbrook, such as an anniversary or a recent death.

Known Victims[]

  • November 19, 2014: Jack Westbrook (the man who molested them as children; abducted, tortured, and eventually killed by Stiller)


  • Griffin and Ford appear to be inspired by Tommy Marcano and John Reilly, the protagonist murderers of the film Sleepers.