Why are we even listening to this crap? We should just kill him!

Chad Griffith was an abductor, attempted murderer, and the leader of a two-person team. He appeared in the Season Ten episode "The Boys of Sudworth Place."


Chad was troubled in his youth and was subsequently sent over to Sudworth Place, a halfway house for delinquent boys. There, he befriended Andrew Ford, Brian Stiller, and Matthew Jones, three other boys who were sent to Sudworth Place. However, the four of them, along with several other boys there, were molested by a volunteer worker named Jack Westbrook, who was a prosecutor at the time. When the four boys finally left Sudworth Place, they kept in contact as they grew older. As an adult, Chad developed a smoking and drinking problem that apparently cost him any other personal relationships besides those of his friends. On November 12, 2014, Matthew committed suicide, unable to bear with the memories of the sexual abuse. Distraught by the tragedy, Chad vowed revenge on Westbrook, and he and Andrew got together to form a plan to abduct Westbrook, torture him into confessing what he had done to them, and then kill him.

The Boys of Sudworth Place

A week later, after luring Westbrook to a secluded location and abducting him, Chad begins torturing him while Andrew records the acts. However, Chad voices his disapproval at keeping Westbrook alive, stating they should kill him instead. The entire time, Westbrook does not remember Chad and Andrew, nor is he initially able to suspect their motives. The two then reveal the truth to him, causing Westbrook to go silent. As a result, he and Andrew decide to improvise. They surprise Brian and pretend to try and rob him at gunpoint while he is working. The two then bring him to an abandoned warehouse, where Brian is horrified to find Westbrook. Brian is reluctant to get involved and tries to leave, but Chad stops him. Intoxicated by the amount of alcohol he had been drinking the entire day, Chad tries to shoot Westbrook, but Brian refuses to let him do it and a struggle ensues. Eventually, Brian accidentally throws Chad down the pit where Westbrook is trapped, killing him.

Modus Operandi

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Known Victims

  • November 19, 2014:
    • Jack Westbrook (the man who molested him as a child; abducted, tortured, and attempted to shoot; was killed by Brian instead)
    • Brian Stiller (assaulted)