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Cece Hillenbrand is the prosecutor in Brian Matloff's trial and a friend of SSA Aaron Hotchner. She appears in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, "Tabula Rasa".


Little is known about Hillenbrand, other than she works as a prosecutor in Roanoke, Virginia, and has a friendship with Hotch.

Tabula Rasa[]

Hillenbrand first appears at the hospital after being informed that Brian Matloff has awakened from a coma induced by a fall from a building when the BAU tried arresting him as a suspect to a series of murders that occurred around the same time. She decides to call the BAU team because Hotch, Morgan, and Reid were the ones working on the case. She welcomes Hotch at the hospital, to which he asks her what is her plan and she says that she plans to get Matloff to the chair and bring justice to the victims and their families. Then they both go to Matloff's room where she and Hotch are informed that Matloff suffers from retrograde amnesia because of the fall he had. This infuriates Hillenbrand because it will be more difficult to pin the murders onto Matloff, but nonetheless, she is determined to bring justice to the victims with or without physical evidence.

During the trial, Hillenbrand uses Hotch as the main witness for the prosecution and asks the judge permission to use a photographic test on Matloff with the intention of regaining his memories. Hillenbrand and Hotch watch as the test is being made on Matloff, with no success. The next day at the trial, Hillenbrand gives a passionate speech about how the victims didn't deserve the kind of death they suffered from and that their families deserve closure; that the man who killed their daughters is in jail paying for his crimes instead of being free to commit more murders. After Matloff regains his memory, he escapes and Hillenbrand helps the BAU team in finding him. At the end of the episode, Matloff pleads guilty and is incarcerated. Hillenbrand thanks Hotch and the BAU for their service.


  • Amy Carlson also played a criminal prosecutor in the short-lived Law & Order spin-off Law & Order: Trial by Jury as a series regular.