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Caroline "Carrie" Sayer is the younger sister of the family annihilator and spree killer, Jeremy Sayer. She appeared in the Season Six episode of Criminal Minds, "Safe Haven".


Carrie was born in 2001 in Newton, Iowa, to Kendra Sayer and an unnamed father who left the family when she was six and stopped contacting them in December 2009. On October 10, 2010, Jeremy twisted Carrie's arm so far behind her back that it broke and she had to be taken to the emergency room, suffering from a spiral fracture. Fearing revenge from Jeremy, Carrie stated that she had fallen off her bike, but her doctor, L.F. Walsh, did not believe this and filed a Social Services report. Shortly afterward, Kendra abandoned Jeremy at Northern Omaha Medical Centre, out of fear for Carrie's safety.

Safe Haven

Carrie held hostage.

In the episode, after committing his killing spree, Jeremy returns to his house while Kendra is at work and put a knife against Carrie's neck, intending to get his mother to admit she hates him. Kendra returns home and is forced to submit to Jeremy's demands, just as the BAU arrive. Morgan threatens to shoot Jeremy if he doesn't release Carrie, prompting him to drop his knife and allowing Morgan to make the arrest. She is safely reunited with Kendra while Jeremy is led away, screaming for her.


  • Carrie wears a cast for her broken arm, despite not seemingly having any treatment for her supposed spinal injury. This is likely an error on the writer's part.