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Bruce Morrison is an incidental character who was suspected of his wife and daughters' disappearances. He appeared in Season Eight episode of Criminal Minds, "All That Remains".


Bruce's mother passed away when he was ten, leaving him to be raised by his alcoholic father. Bruce would soon become a well-known writer and former college professor who raised two daughters, Sera and Katie, with his wife of twenty-seven years, Judy. However, underneath this happy exterior, he is revealed to suffer from dissociative identity disorder, in which he had a sadistic alternate personality named Johnny; he also had a tendency to slip into drunken rages; his blackouts first began during his time at grad school and would drink to cope with the intense pressure. To combat this disorder, Bruce took prescribed medication. It was this mental disorder that helped place him under suspicion when Judy mysteriously disappeared in 2012. However, he was let go and went on to live life raising Sera and Katie alone. Little did he know that Sera had killed Judy, being a closet psychopath who resented her mother and also her sister, whom she planned to kill as well. Afterward, she cut off Bruce's medication, allowing Johnny to take control of his mind occasionally. His drunken rages also became prominent as a result, which resulted in Katie calling an abuse hotline several times.

All That Remains[]

In 2013, the anniversary of Judy's disappearance, Johnny takes over Bruce's mind again, and he takes Sera and Katie to an abandoned building near a river and leaves them there to scare them. There, Sera murders Katie. Meanwhile, the BAU have apprehended Bruce and interrogate him, but eventually let him go after the team deduces Sera as the killer and arrests her.