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He made us choose.

Brooke Chambers is an incidental character who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "North Mammon".


Brooke was on the North Mammon High School varsity soccer team with her friends Kelly Seymour and Polly Homefeldt. Her father Peter would go away on business every month, though this was later revealed to be a facade for his meetings with his male lover. While he was away in 2006, Brooke and her friends were having a sleepover at her house when Marcus Younger abducted them. At the time, Brooke was suffering from a cough.

North Mammon[]

In the episode, Marcus locks Brooke and her friends in the basement and tells them that two will leave alive while one will die, and the choice of who should die is theirs. Kelly convinces Polly to choose Brooke to be killed, arguing that she is already dying because of her worsening cough. However, Brooke has previously noticed that Kelly is determined to get her freedom back no matter what, and overheard their conversation. When Kelly and Polly announce that Brooke will be the one to die, Marcus drops two hammers into the basement, intending to have the two of them kill her. Polly wavers at the instruction, but Kelly remains adamant. While she is trying to convince Polly, Brooke manages to gather enough strength to take one of the hammers and strike Kelly in the head, killing her instantly. Marcus then makes good on his promise and releases the two surviving girls, who later reunite with their parents. Considering the fact that Kelly was prepared to kill her and Brooke's killing of Kelly was done in self-defense, she was likely not arrested.

Known Victims[]

  • November 3, 2006: Kelly Seymour (bludgeoned with a hammer in self-defense)