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"Broken" is the fifteenth episode of Season Eight and the 177th overall of Criminal Minds.


The BAU heads to Austin to investigate victims found there with their watches set inaccurately, a clue which may help them find the killer. Meanwhile, the unsub stalking the BAU inches closer in his pursuit of the team.

Guest Cast[]

  • Ryan Caltagirone - Doug Warn
  • Hank Cheyne - Detective Edward Sanchez
  • Evelyn Edwards - Isabella Grant
  • Patrick John Flueger - Paul Westin
  • Yani Gellman - Mitchell Ruiz
  • Tanalee Glaser - Kind Woman
  • Meagan Holder - Paige Munson
  • Mele Ihara - Susan Cole
  • Darren Kendrick - John Westin
  • Anton Narinskiy - Anton Slavsky
  • Christina Michelle Nelson - Shanice Stone
  • Devon Ogden - Michelle Bradley
  • John Omohundro - Paul Westin (teen)
  • Corey Mendell Parker - M.E. Kevin Aylesworth
  • Daniel E. Smith - Will Blackburn
  • Ken Weiler - Connor Drake


  • "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys
  • "Madness" by Muse

Bookend Quotes[]

  • Alex Blake: "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." — Ernest Hemingway
  • David Rossi: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." — John 13:34


  • Although this was the 15th episode to air, this was the 14th to be produced.
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