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Breen Frazier is a freelance writer best known for his work on the television series Alias.


Frazier was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He developed an interest in filmmaking after his parents took him to see Star Wars. He graduated from the School of Communications at Northwestern University at Chicago, Illinois, in 1996, then moved to Los Angeles, California. While attending Northwestern, he served as a residential assistant for the Communications Residential College. While in Los Angeles, he directed what he later described as "the worse student films [one has] ever seen", causing him to realize that he didn't perform well on the set. Frazier shifted his focus to writing after he realized he was more comfortable in that field.

Frazier began writing for Alias during its second season. Additionally he wrote an Alias prequel novel entitled Infiltration as well as the animated short, Animated Alias: Tribunal, a story set between seasons two and three. Frazier also wrote the story for the 2004 video game, Alias.

Frazier joined the production and writing staffs of Criminal Minds at the start of its fourth season.

With the beginning of the eleventh season, he has been promoted to executive producer for the show.

In his personal life, Frazier is married to fellow writer Sheila Lawrence and his first child was born in February 2007.

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